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Buying a fatbike in Enschede? That sounds like a good idea!

Enschede, in the eastern part of the Netherlands, is known for its rich history. This city offers a special blend of architecture and nature, ideal for adventurous cyclists. Especially for enthusiasts, Enschede offers unique routes through both the urban area and the surrounding nature, making the city a special destination for exploring on two wheels. What Enschede distinguishes it is the versatility it offers cyclists, from cultural discoveries within the city limits to the natural beauty beyond.


The five main points of this article

  1. Enschede ideal for fatbikes!
    Enschede excels for cyclists because of a mix of city and nature, diversity in routes, and municipal support for safe, well-maintained trails, which enriches the experience.
  2. Sightseeing in Enschede
    Enschede combines cultural and natural attractions, from a historic downtown with a lively market square to vast natural areas, offering rich opportunities for discovery.
  3. A STOER Bike as a good choice for exploring Enschede
    The STOER Ultimate S1+ fatbike is ideal for Enschede with its durable design, smooth drive, and long battery life, suitable for both urban and natural terrains.
  4. STOER Bikes by Different Bikes Enschede
    STOER Bikes is expanding through a partnership with Different Bikes in Enschede, making their fatbikes more accessible in the region, supported by Different Bikes' expertise and service.

Enschede ideal for fatbikes

Enschede is an ideal place for fatbikes, thanks to a unique mix of urban and natural areas. The wide range of trails and routes offers unparalleled cycling experiences both in the city and in the surrounding nature. This diversity attracts adventurers who seek variety in their rides. In addition, the municipality is strongly committed to encouraging cycling, with well-maintained, safe trails that make the city more accessible to cyclists. This commitment to bike-friendliness enriches the fatbike experience in Enschede.

Fatbike Enschede

Sightseeing in Enschede

The city offers numerous cultural and natural attractions. From the historic city center with its lively market square to the vast natural areas, Enschede is rich in discovery opportunities:

  1. The People's Park: Enschede's green heart, the Volkspark, is an oasis of peace and nature in the middle of the city. Perfect for fatbike adventurers who want to escape the urban jungle and enjoy the natural beauty. With wide trails and picturesque landscapes, the park provides the ideal setting for a relaxing or active bike ride.
  2. Rijksmuseum Twenthe: Culture lovers on two wheels will find their way to the Rijksmuseum Twenthe. While your fatbike waits outside, you can explore the rich art and cultural history of the Netherlands inside. Located in a beautiful park, the museum combines an educational experience with the opportunity to enjoy peace and greenery.
  3. Old Market: The beating heart of Enschede, the Oude Markt, is a must-visit on your fatbike tour. This lively square, surrounded by historic buildings, cozy cafes, and restaurants, is the perfect place to soak up the local atmosphere and take a break during your bike tour.

What bicycle routes are there in Enschede?

There are varied cycling routes in Enschede to suit every level and preference of a cyclist. Due to the durable 2-speed Bafang motor and 960 wh battery, the STOER Ultimate S1+ can travel 80 to as much as 100 km on the strongest drive. Thus, many routes are possible, here are three examples:

  1. The Flamingo Route takes you through the nature reserve Aamsveen which is partly in the Netherlands and partly in Germany. The unique thing about this bike route is that you can even spot flamingos across the border in Zwillbrock!
  2. The GreenBlue route is all about the climate, you will encounter the measures Enschede is taking to combat waterlogging. You will first cycle through urban areas, and later also through beautiful nature, ideal for those interested in sustainability.
  3. A tour of Enschede offers an in-depth exploration of both the city and the beautiful surrounding nature. From anywhere in Enschede, the route is easily accessible
Fatbike Enschede

A STOER Bike as a good choice for exploring Enschede

With its robust design and wide tires, a fatbike is excellent for both the cozy city streets and the unpaved trails in the surrounding countryside. It offers a comfortable and stable ride, allowing you to explore Enschede with ease and pleasure. Our STOER Ultimate S1+ is ideal here because of its advanced 2-speed motor and belt drive, which ensure smooth shifting and riding comfort. The powerful 960Wh battery allows for long rides without worry, and its wide tires let you tackle any terrain. These features make the Ultimate S1+ a versatile choice.

STOER Bikes by Different Bikes Enschede

STOER Bikes is proud to be the new dealer Different Bikes, an experienced dealer in Enschede. This cooperation means an expansion of the reach of STOER Bikes, which means that fatbike enthusiasts now have even easier access to our high-quality fatbikes, whether you live in Enschede, Gronau, Hengelo, Almelo or Deventer. Different Bikes is here for you! They are known for their excellent service and expertise in e-bikes and bikes, making them the ideal partner to share the unique experience STOER Bikes offers with more bike enthusiasts.


Enschede is an ideal destination for fatbike enthusiasts, thanks to its mix of cityscapes and nature. The city offers a diversity of bike paths and routes, supported by municipal efforts for safety and maintenance. Sights like the Volkspark, the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, and the Oude Markt make it a rich exploration. The STOER Ultimate S1+ fatbike, available through Different Bikes, makes exploring Enschede a pleasure with its advanced technology and durability. Soon the collection at Different Bikes will expand through the launch of the Urban X. Be sure to keep an eye on our socials for that!