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Welcome to Vaneman Bikestore in Aalsmeer. The place where passion for cycling and innovation come together. The experience center is the perfect destination for bike lovers who want to test ride one of the most innovative bike brands of the moment: STOER Bikes. For a fatbike in Aalsmeer, Vaneman is the place to be!


1. Showroom in Aalsmeer

Located in a spacious and inviting showroom in Aalsmeer, Vaneman's experience center provides the ideal setting to test these tough bikes at your leisure. Whether you are looking for an affordable fatbike, the most exclusive models, powerful electric models, or high-quality accessories, at Vaneman Bikestore you will find everything you need for the ultimate cycling experience. The experience center is located in Aalsmeer, this village is the ideal destination to explore on two wheels, with well-maintained bike paths, relaxing bike rides along the ring canal and beautiful views of the Westeinderplassen.

2. STOER by Vaneman

We are proud to welcome you to the world of premium bicycles, expert advice and excellent customer service. At STOER by Vaneman, it's not just about buying a bike, but about providing a complete cycling experience that meets your needs and desires. Whether you live in Aalsmeer, Hoofddorp, Rijsenhout, Schiphol, Kudelstaart, de Kwakel or somewhere in between or even beyond, at Vaneman Bikestore everyone is welcome to experience the magic of cycling. Step inside the experience center and get inspired by the quality bikes of STOER Bikes.

Fatbike Aalsmeer

3. Why choose STOER by Vaneman?

At Vaneman Bikestore, the advisors and mechanics are ardent supporters of mobility, which is exactly why we are proud of our partnership with Vaneman Bikestore. For Vaneman Bikestore, mobility is about more than just getting from point A to point B. It's about reaching that destination in a sustainable and fast way, without compromising on style. With STOER you are guaranteed a smooth and eco-friendly trip without looking style-less. That's what we love, and that's what we want to offer to you.

Vaneman goes beyond just offering great bikes. At Vaneman Bikestore, they cherish personal contact and believe that choosing an e-bike is more than just comparing specs online. It's about feeling the craftsmanship in each bike, trying out different models to see which one suits you best, and discovering the endless options that can fulfill your personal preferences.

Vaneman Bikestore is ready to personally guide you in your search for the perfect e-bike. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just beginning your cycling adventure, at Vaneman Bikestore you will not only get a bike, but also a piece of our passion for mobility and style. So stop by the experience center, experience it for yourself and discover why Vaneman Bikestore is the ultimate destination for your e-bike needs. Together, we will set the future of mobility in motion.

4. Range of STOER bicycles.

At Vaneman Bikestore, they believe in offering nothing less than the very best, which is exactly why we are proud to offer the range of STOER Bikes by Vaneman. Our collaboration with Vaneman Bikestore has resulted in a selection of high-quality e-bike models.

We currently have the STOER Ultimate S1 and the Ultimate S1+ available in the showroom. These models are known for their quality, performance and innovative features. What makes these models truly special is that they come standard with impressive features such as immobilizer, GPS tracking, belt drive and LCD display. This means you can enjoy not only a smooth and quiet ride, but also a maintenance-free drivetrain and advanced technology that takes your cycling experience to the next level. In addition, the S1+ is even equipped with 2speed, which is an automatic gear in the hub.

We are also excited to announce that the new STOER UrbanX and CityX models will soon be available at Vaneman Bikestore. Designed with style, comfort and functionality in mind, these innovative bikes will enhance your urban and adventure travel.

Whether you're looking for a powerful e-bike for commuting, a stylish city bike for your daily adventures, or a reliable companion for weekend outings, STOER Bikes has something for everyone. We invite you to stop by the experience center and discover these great bikes in person. Experience for yourself why STOER Bikes is the standard for quality, innovation and riding pleasure at Vaneman.

Fatbike Aalsmeer

5. Expert advice and service

Vaneman Bikestore Aalsmeer has a wonderful experience center. Because we believe that the best way to experience the benefits of a fatbike is to try it yourself, you can take a test ride in the experience center of Vaneman Bikestore Aalsmeer to actually experience what it's like to ride a fatbike.

The experienced team at Vaneman Bikestore Aalsmeer is ready to help you choose the perfect STOER Bike, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Moreover, if after the test ride you are as enthusiastic about our fatbikes as we are, you can purchase your favorite model directly in the store. With our STOER Bikes at Vaneman Bikestore Aalsmeer, we have an accessible location in the heart of Aalsmeer where you can experience the benefits of a STOER Bike for yourself.

6. Advantages of buying a fatbike from Vaneman

Looking for the perfect bike that combines both style and performance? Vaneman Bikestore in Aalsmeer offers a wide selection of STOER bicycles that are extremely durable. Whether you're an avid cyclist or simply looking for a reliable means of transportation for daily rides, our STOER bikes offer a range of benefits worth exploring. From their robust construction to their comfortable riding experience, you can count on quality and expertise at Vaneman Bikestore. Discover the reasons why choosing a STOER bike from Vaneman Bikestore in Aalsmeer is the right decision for your cycling needs.

  1. High product knowledge: Vaneman Bikeshop Aalsmeer possesses extensive knowledge of the products. This expertise of the employees ensures that customers are well informed and can choose the right products.
  2. Service orientation: The company has a strong focus on service. Vaneman Bikeshop Aalsmeer offers a high level of customer service. They are motivated and their job is to make customers ride away with a smile. So customers can count on friendly and helpful staff.
  3. Passion for quality: The employees of Vaneman Bikeshop Aalsmeer have a passion for quality. They strive to offer top quality products that meet the expectations of demanding customers. They are motivated specialists and invest in themselves to maximize their talents. Every day they become better together.
  4. Customer Focus: Both Vaneman Aalsmeer and also STOER Bikes understand the importance of customer satisfaction. They listen to the wants and needs of their customers and strive to meet those expectations. When it comes to mobility, at Vaneman Aalsmeer, customer focus is key.
  5. Innovation: STOER Bikes is focused on innovation. They stay on top of the latest bicycle trends. This allows them to offer Vaneman Aalsmeer and therefore their customers the most innovative and up-to-date products.
  6. Quality and Service: One of the main characteristics of Vaneman is their commitment to quality and service. The team at Vaneman Bikestore is always ready to provide assistance.
Fatbike Aalsmeer

7. Location and accessibility

Vaneman Bikestore is located at a central location in Aalsmeer, making it easily accessible to customers from Aalsmeer itself and surrounding towns such as Hoofddorp, Rijsenhout, Schiphol, Kudelstaart and de Kwakel. The experience center is your gateway to the world of premium e-bikes and cycling experience.

Vaneman Bikestore
Witteweg 6a, 1431 GZ Aalsmeer

The experience center in Aalsmeer has ample parking for your convenience, so you can park your car without worry while you explore the showroom and e-bikes. Whether you come by car, bike, public transport or on foot, we welcome you to the store in Aalsmeer and are ready to provide you with expert advice and the best possible service. The team at Vaneman Bikestore looks forward to welcoming you soon!

The bicycle store of Aalsmeer and surroundings

Vaneman Bikestore in Aalsmeer is not just another bike store; it is an experience center where bicycle enthusiasts can discover and test the bikes of STOER Bikes. The spacious showroom provides the ideal environment to experience the latest bike innovations. Whether you are looking for an affordable fatbike, a powerful electric bike or high-quality accessories, at Vaneman Bikestore you will find everything you need for the ultimate cycling experience.

At STOER by Vaneman, it's not just about buying a bike; we strive to provide a complete cycling experience that meets your needs and desires. Vaneman's advisors and mechanics are passionate and knowledgeable, and they will personally guide you through the process of choosing the perfect e-bike.

We are proud of our range of STOER bikes, including the Ultimate S1 and S1+ with impressive features. Soon we will introduce the UrbanX and CityX models, designed for style, comfort and functionality in urban and adventure environments.

At Vaneman Bikestore Aalsmeer it is not only about products, but also about service. All employees have extensive knowledge, provide excellent customer service and strive for quality. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and continue to innovate.

The experience center in Aalsmeer is centrally located and easily accessible. Whether you come by car, bike, public transport or on foot, we welcome you. Stop by and experience for yourself why Vaneman Bikestore is the ultimate destination for your e-bike needs. Together we will set the future of mobility in motion.

Fatbike Aalsmeer

Theft safety of your bicycle

Bike theft is a common problem, but with a few simple precautions, you can significantly reduce the chances of theft. Start by investing in a sturdy, high-quality lock when you buy your fatbike in Aalsmeer from Vaneman Bikestore. Then, of course, you should always use this lock whenever you leave your bike behind. Attach the lock to the frame of your bike and to a fixed object, preferably an official bike shed. Also, choose well-lit and busy places to park your bike, as thieves are less likely to steal a bike in public. In addition, consider marking your bike with unique features or an identification number, which can help recover it if it is stolen. For more information on how to prevent your bike from being stolen, read our informative blog.