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Discovering Ede on the fatbike

Are you a passionate cyclist who longs for new discoveries? If so, why not take a trip to Ede, a city known for its beautiful nature and rich history, and explore it on a STOER Bike?

This article serves as your ultimate guide to exploring the many cycling opportunities Ede has to offer, with an emphasis on the adventure of cycling on a fatbike. From lush forests to vast moorlands and quaint villages, we'll show you how to get the most out of your fatbike adventure in Ede.

This article is your ultimate guide to exploring the many cycling opportunities Ede has to offer, with an emphasis on the adventure of cycling on a fatbike.
From the lively city streets to the beautiful natural landscapes surrounding them, we'll show you how to get the most out of your fatbike adventure in Ede.


In this article you will read about:

  • Is cycling in Ede worth an adventure?
    Cycling in Ede is an adventure! With vast forests, moors and picturesque villages, it is perfect for cyclists. The Veluwe offers miles of bike paths through nature. From adrenaline seekers to quiet cyclists, Ede has something for everyone.
  • The most beautiful bicycle routes in Ede.
    Discover Ede by bicycle with beautiful routes along forests, moors, and historical sites. Explore the Veluwezoom, the Hoge Veluwe with the Kröller-Müller Museum, along the Lower Rhine and the Ginkelse Heide.
  • What are the most bicycle-friendly accommodations in Ede?
    Discover Ede by bike and stay in bike-friendly accommodations such as Bospark Ede, B&B De Boshoek and Camping De Wije Werelt, each with its own charm and easy access to scenic bike routes.
  • Where can I rent a bicycle in Ede?
    No bike? No problem! Rent from Veluwe Outdoor, Fietspoint Ede or online through Bimbimbikes in Ede.
  • Which sights and natural areas in Ede are a must-see during my bike ride?
    Discover Ede's charm with historic farms and Castle Hoekelum. Explore Ede-East and learn about Operation Market Garden at the Historical Information Centre.
  • What makes a STOER Bike the ideal choice for exploring Ede's landscapes?
    Discover Ede with STOER Bikes - robust, comfortable and stylish. The team at Bicycle Services will help you find the perfect bike for every adventure, making every ride an unforgettable one.

Cycling in Ede: worth an adventure!

Definitely! Ede welcomes cyclists, including those who like to venture out on a fatbike adventure. This beautiful region offers an extensive network of bike paths and routes perfect for exploring by fatbike.

The landscape in Ede
The landscape in Ede is ideal for cyclists. With vast forests, rolling moors and picturesque villages, Ede offers a varied terrain that is perfect for exploring by bicycle.

The Veluwe, one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands, extends over much of the municipality of Ede. This means that cyclists can enjoy miles of bike paths that wind through dense forests and past open moorlands.

In addition to its natural beauty, Ede also offers a number of historical sites and picturesque villages worth visiting during a bike ride. Whether you are a cyclist looking for adrenaline or a leisurely cyclist looking to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, Ede has something for everyone.

Fatbike Ede

Exploration on two wheels: The most beautiful bicycle routes in Ede

Ede offers an array of beautiful cycling routes through enchanting landscapes and past historic landmarks. Some must-see places that you should definitely not skip during your tour of Ede are:

  • The Veluwezoom: Cycle through the Netherlands' oldest national park and enjoy its vast forests and rolling moorlands. This is also your chance to spot wildlife.
  • The Hoge Veluwe: You can combine this famous national park with a visit to the Kröller-Müller Museum. This museum houses an extensive collection of modern art and is best known for its extensive collection of works by Vincent van Gogh.
  • Along the Lower Rhine: Follow the meandering Lower Rhine River past charming villages and historic mills.
  • The Ginkel Heath: Vast moorlands with beautiful views of the hilly landscapes and the purple blossoms in the summer months.

Hospitality for cyclists: bicycle-friendly accommodations in Ede

Ede offers several accommodations that perfectly suit your passion for exploring on two wheels. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel, a cozy bed & breakfast or an adventurous campsite, Ede has it all.

  • Forest Park Ede: This vacation park, surrounded by the beautiful forests of the Veluwe, offers comfortable bungalows and chalets with private terraces and bicycle storage. You can hit the road directly from your accommodation the next day.
  • B&B De Boshoek: Located on the outskirts of Ede, this cozy bed & breakfast offers an oasis of peace and hospitality. The host and hostess are known for their personal service and can provide you with tips for the most beautiful cycling routes in the area. After a day on the bike you can relax in the garden or in the cozy common room.
  • Camping De Wije Werelt: On the edge of the beautiful Speulder- en Sprielderbos you will find this campsite. The campsite offers spacious pitches and luxury safari tents. Here you can enjoy an evening campfire under the stars and explore the surroundings by bike during the day.

Bike rental in Ede: Where can I rent a bike?

Don't have your own bike with you? No worries! There are several places in Ede where you can rent bikes to explore the area. Here are some examples of locations where you can go for bike rentals:

  1. Veluwe Outdoors: This outdoor center offers a wide range of bikes, including mountain bikes, electric bikes and regular city bikes. Perfect for exploring the beautiful nature and vast forests around Ede.
  2. Fietspoint Ede: At Fietspoint Ede you can rent various types of bikes, from electric bikes to tandems.
  3. Online bike rental: Through platforms like Bimbimbikes, you can easily rent a bike online in Ede. With a wide selection of bikes, including road bikes and children's bikes, you can quickly and easily find the ideal bike for your adventure in Ede here.
Fatbike Ede

Must-see sights and natural areas in Ede

  1. Historic farms: Scattered throughout the landscape of Ede you will find numerous historic farms and estates. Visit farms such as the Doesburgermolen or the Harskamp Zandbergen and experience the charm of Ede's countryside.
  2. Hoekelum Castle: Located in Bennekom near Ede, is a beautiful historic castle from the 14th century, surrounded by a picturesque park landscape. The castle, built in neo-Gothic style, today offers space for various events and tours.
  3. Ede-East: Known for its historic buildings and lively markets, it offers a charming mix of old and new architecture, along with cozy cafes and stores.
  4. Historical Information Centre Operation Market Garden: A museum highlighting the history of Operation Market Garden in the Ede region, with exhibits and information about events during World War II.

Why choose a STOER Bike in Ede?

STOER Bikes offers the perfect companion for adventurous explorations in Ede. Combining ruggedness, comfort and style, these fatbikes are ideal for exploring diverse landscapes. With advanced technologies and sturdy design, STOER Bikes are perfect for both urban and natural environments. The team of Bicycle Services in Ede is ready to help you find the perfect STOER Bike.

Discover the beauty of Ede and its surroundings in a dynamic and adventurous way with STOER Bikes. Explore the hidden gems and enjoy the freedom of cycling at your own pace, discovering every corner of this beautiful region. With a STOER Bike, every ride through Ede will be an unforgettable adventure!