Ultimate S1+

Ultimate S1+
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Discover the S1+ from STOER Bikes: powerful, smart, and ready for any ride. Setting a new standard with an advanced 2-speed motor that shifts automatically, with a quiet belt drive, a powerful 960wh battery and built-in GPS, the S1+ combines everything you need in one sleek design. The Ultimate S1+ comes with a Abus Bordo ART 2 lock and an immobilizer system to secure your bike! Upgrade now and experience the ultimate experience.

Gates CDX belt drive
Bafang 2-speed motor
Force sensor
LCD Display
960Wh battery
GPS with app connect
80 km range
Skai leather saddle
Complete Bafang system
Front and rear suspension
Indicators in taillight
Abus Bordo lock ART 2
Tektro hydraulic brakes
Metallic Green


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Powerful battery

The Ultimate S1+ from STOER Bikes is equipped with a powerful, removable 960Wh battery that delivers impressive performance with a range of 80 to 100 km. This robust battery provides long-lasting power, ideal for both long rides and everyday use. You can count on this reliable power source to get you from point A to B without worry, giving you more freedom to explore without frequent charging.

Powerful battery
The Gates CDX belt drive is maintenance-free

The Gates CDX belt drive is maintenance-free

Our Ultimate S1+ is equipped with the Gates CDX belt drive, a superior choice compared to traditional chain drives. This belt drive offers a smoother, quieter and cleaner riding experience, and is virtually maintenance-free. Unlike chains, which require regular lubrication and cleaning, the Gates CDX belt requires virtually no maintenance and is resistant to rust and dirt. This makes the belt drive ideal for riders looking for durability and minimal maintenance concerns, while enjoying a consistently high level of performance in all weather conditions.

Advanced immobilizer with PIN code

This fatbike features an advanced immobilizer that provides additional security with a 4-digit PIN code. This feature increases security by preventing unauthorized persons from starting and using the bike. Entering the PIN code is a quick and effective way to secure your bike, significantly reducing the risk of theft. Ideal for urban environments where bike theft is common, this immobilizer provides a simple yet effective security solution.

Advanced immobilizer with PIN code

The GPS tracker offers even more security

Equipped with an advanced GPS tracker in conjunction with Tracefy, the Ultimate S1+ offers fast and reliable detection in the event of theft. This technology allows you to locate your fatbike within hours, significantly reducing the risk of permanent loss. This partnership with Tracefy underscores our commitment to safety and peace of mind by incorporating an essential security feature that protects your bike from theft.

Fast forward with the 2-speed motor

The powerful Bafang H720 2-speed motor offers an exceptional combination of efficiency and performance, ideal for both urban commuting and adventure touring. Known for its reliability and powerful support, this engine provides seamless acceleration and enough power to overcome hilly terrain effortlessly. Moreover, its quiet operation contributes to a more pleasant and less distracting riding experience, allowing you to enjoy your ride without overpowering ambient noise.

Luxury leather saddle: comfort for two

Enjoy the ultimate in comfort with the Ultimate S1+'s soft, leather saddle, designed to provide effortless carry two people. This premium saddle offers not only a luxurious look, but also unprecedented support and comfort during long rides. The careful design and the use of premium leather ensure that both rider and passenger can enjoy a smooth and pleasant ride, regardless of distance.

Luxury leather saddle: comfort for two

Superior control with Tektro hydraulic brakes

Equipped with advanced hydraulic brakes from Tektro, this bike offers exceptional braking power and precise control, essential for safe rides. These brakes guarantee reliable performance in all conditions, which is necessary for both urban navigation and overcoming challenging terrain. The hydraulic system provides a smoother and more controlled braking experience, perfect for any bike enthusiast looking for safety and efficiency while riding.

LED lights with brake indication: safe and visible

For increased visibility and safety, this bike's LED lights are equipped with a unique rear brake indicator. This feature ensures that other road users can immediately see when you are braking, which is crucial in preventing accidents, especially in poorly lit or crowded environments. The bright LED lighting not only improves your visibility during nighttime rides but also increases your safety through the clear signals it gives to traffic behind you.