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Fatbikes in Tilburg, here we would like to tell you more about it! Designed specifically for the most challenging terrain, these bikes open up new avenues for adventure in the diverse surroundings of Tilburg. From the vast forest areas to the picturesque farmlands, fatbikes offer a unique way to discover the region. In Tilburg, where city and nature blend seamlessly, these two-wheelers have quickly developed into the ideal means of transportation for both leisurely explorations and more challenging sporting adventures.

This article takes you through the world of fatbikes in Tilburg. We explore the growing popularity of these special bikes and highlight the best trails and tips for anyone ready to take on this unique experience.


The four main points of this article

  • The versatility of the fatbike in Tilburg:
    Discover how fatbikes, appeal not only to adventurers but also to everyday users. Tilburg offers a good year-round base for these versatile two-wheelers to tackle any landscape.
  • Fatbike adventures in Tilburg:
    Experience Tilburg in a unique way with the robust fatbike. Explore not only the cultural and historical parts of the city, but also dive into the natural landscapes Tilburg has to offer. From vast forests to picturesque trails, the fatbike opens doors to unprecedented adventures.
  • The STOER Ultimate S1+:
    In Tilburg, the STOER Ultimate S1+ Fatbike as the ideal choice for lovers of robust riding experiences. With a range that eliminates concerns about battery life and the capacity to carry two people, this bike is a model of innovation and convenience for both urban exploration and rural adventures.
  • STOOD and service at Totaal Fietsen in Tilburg:
    For adventurous souls, STOER Bikes through Totaal Fietsen in Tilburg offers rugged, high-quality fatbikes. Discover the unparalleled customer service and ease of use of these bikes, backed by a team that shares passion for bikes and is always ready to help you with your selection and maintenance.
Fatbike Tilburg

The versatility of fatbikes

In Tilburg, a city known for its mix of urban landscapes and vast natural areas, fatbikes have quickly made inroads into the city's streetscape. These unusual bikes, with their distinctive wide tires, are not only a hit among adventurers on rugged terrain, but also among everyday cyclists who strive for a comfortable and stable riding experience.

What makes the fatbike so unique is its ability to handle various types of surfaces with ease. These two-wheelers offer an excellent opportunity to experience the urban and natural beauties of the region in a whole new way. With a fatbike, you can effortlessly transition from the bustling city dynamics to the tranquility of the countryside. It is this flexibility that makes the fatbike a favorite for both daily transportation and recreational trips outside the city.

This versatility is compounded by the fatbike's year-round accessibility. Where traditional bikes can have limitations during the winter months, with slipperiness and mud as potential game-breakers, that is precisely where the fatbike excels. Its wide tires offer exceptional grip and stability even on snowy or muddy roads, allowing bike enthusiasts to hit the road year-round.

Tilburg, with its rich array of bike paths and routes, is ready to be discovered. Whether you are cycling through the picturesque villages in the area, exploring the art and culture in the city center, or venturing on the more challenging routes through natural areas such as the Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen, the fatbike offers a comfortable and reliable partner on every path.

Fatbike Tilburg

Fatbike adventures in Tilburg

Experience Tilburg and its surroundings in a new way through the versatile fatbike. This unique mode of transportation is not only your key to exploring the rich cultural and historical portions of the city, but it also allows you to discover the natural landscapes that surround Tilburg.

Begin your tour in downtown Tilburg, where every street corner tells a story. Admire the architecture, from the modern art institutions to the historic churches that define the city's skyline. The fatbike's thick tires make it easy to maneuver through the urban environment, allowing you to take in Tilburg's unique atmosphere at your own pace. Once you leave the city limits behind, a world of natural beauty opens up. Tilburg is surrounded by vast forests, idyllic farmlands and protected nature reserves that provide a breathtaking backdrop for your cycling adventures. The Loonse and Drunense Dunes, known for their vast sand drifts and dense forests, are only a short distance from the city and provide the perfect setting for fatbike enthusiasts to indulge their hearts' desire.

Fatbike Tilburg

Cycling routes in Tilburg

Tilburg and its surroundings offer a rich variety of bicycle routes suitable for both the recreational cyclist and the adventurous explorer:

  • Bels Line: A historic trail that connects Tilburg with the Belgian city of Turnhout. This trail follows an old railroad line and is perfect for a relaxing trip through nature and past picturesque villages.
  • Oisterwijk Forests and Fens: A route that takes you through the charming landscape of forests and more than 80 fens. This tour offers beautiful natural scenes and the opportunity to take a break at the many catering establishments along the way.
  • Loonse and Drunense Dunes: Explore one of the largest sand drifts in Western Europe via the many trails that run through this National Park. The route is challenging but offers unforgettable views and a unique nature experience.
  • Heart of Brabant bike route: This looped route takes you through the heart of Brabant, past historic villages, through vast natural areas, and offers a good impression of Brabant's diverse landscape.
  • Green Forest: Cycle through this special area between Tilburg, Eindhoven, and 's-Hertogenbosch, known for its varied landscape of forests, heathland, fens and agricultural farmland.
  • Kampina and Oisterwijkse Vennen: A beautiful route that combines the Kampina and Oisterwijkse Vennen nature reserves, where you can enjoy peaceful forests, heathlands and glistening fens.
  • Wilhelmina Canal route: Follow the Wilhelmina Canal and discover the watery surroundings of Tilburg. This route leads you along the canal and offers beautiful views and pleasant resting points along the way.
  • Trappist Route: For lovers of culture and beer, this route takes you past Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven Abbey, where the famous La Trappe beer is brewed. Combine nature and culture with a tasting.

Each route has its own charm and level of difficulty, providing something for every cyclist. Whether you are looking for a short trip through the city or a longer trip through nature, Tilburg and its surroundings offer extensive opportunities to explore by bike.

Fatbike Tilburg

Accommodations suitable for fatbikes

There are several accommodations in Tilburg and the surrounding region that can welcome fatbike enthusiasts, whether for a short stay or a longer vacation. These accommodations range from bike-friendly hotels and B&Bs to campgrounds and vacation parks that offer special amenities for cyclists. Here is a selection of options suitable for fatbike enthusiasts:

  • Auberge du Bonheur: Located in the green surroundings of Tilburg, this stylish accommodation offers not only luxury lodging options, but also easy access to bicycle paths leading to both the city and the surrounding nature.
  • Hostel Roots: This bicycle-friendly hostel in the center of Tilburg offers secure bicycle storage and is an ideal base for younger travelers or groups wishing to explore the city and its surroundings by fatbike.
  • City Camping Tilburg: For the more adventurous fatbike enthusiasts, Stadscamping Tilburg offers a unique camping experience in the middle of the city, complete with excellent facilities for cyclists, including secure storage for your fatbike.
  • The Postelse Hoeve: Located just outside the city center, this hotel offers easy access to the many bike trails in the area. It features spacious rooms and enclosed bike storage, making it an excellent choice for fatbike users.
  • Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk: Housed in an attractive building in the heart of Tilburg, this B&B offers not only a personal touch but also facilities for cyclists, including safe storage for your fatbike.
  • Landal Duc de Brabant: Located near Tilburg, in the beautiful Brabant countryside, this vacation park is an excellent choice for families or groups wishing to explore the region by fatbike. The park offers various accommodation types and facilities specifically for cyclists.
  • Hotel de Druiventros: Located on the outskirts of Tilburg, near the natural areas such as the Loonse and Drunense Dunes, this hotel offers comfortable accommodation with fatbike rental nearby, ideal for those who want to go directly into nature.

These accommodations are familiar with the needs of cyclists and offer facilities such as secure bike racks, laundry rooms for cycling clothes, and information on local cycling routes. Some even offer on-site bike rentals or repair services, making them an excellent choice for fatbike enthusiasts looking to explore Tilburg and the surrounding area.

Fatbike Tilburg

The STOER Ultimate S1+

The STOER Ultimate S1+ Fatbike, a paragon of innovation and versatility in the world of electric bikes. This fatbike is specially designed to meet the unique demands of varied landscape, such as that of Tilburg. Moreover, the STOER Ultimate S1+ is equipped with wide tires that provide optimal grip and comfort on all types of surfaces, from paved city roads to dirt paths and forest terrain. This makes the fatbike particularly suitable for the varied surroundings of Tilburg, where you can switch from city traffic to the peace and quiet of the Brabant countryside from one moment to the next.

The STOER Ultimate S1+ is distinguished by its impressive range of 80 to 100 kilometers on the highest assistance setting, allowing you to travel long distances without worry. Whether you want to explore the vast forests and natural areas around Tilburg, or plan a day trip through the city and its cultural highlights, this fatbike guarantees a reliable and carefree riding experience.

In addition, a unique feature of the STOER Ultimate S1+ is its ability to carry two people. The reinforced frame and powerful motor ensure that the bike remains effortless and stable even with extra weight, making the STOER Ultimate S1+ an excellent option for both urban exploration and adventures in nature.

Fatbike Tilburg

STOOD and service at Totaal Fietsen in Tilburg

STOER Bikes is making inroads in the world of fatbikes, with robust and high-quality models that perfectly meet the needs of adventurous cyclists in Tilburg who value sturdiness and reliability. At STOER Bikes, we believe cycling is more than just another activity. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the rest. Each bike is delivered ready to use, without the need for additional modifications or additions. Of course, there is always the option to personalize the bike with practical accessories such as phone holders and luggage racks. The expert team of Total Bicycles in Tilburg is always ready to help you find the perfect fatbike and perform any maintenance work.

Fatbike Tilburg

Why choose Total Fietsen Tilburg?

Total Cycling stands out in the bicycle industry with the following unique features:

  • Extensive product knowledge: The team possesses in-depth knowledge about all of our products, ensuring that customers can always make informed choices.
  • Customer centric approach: Customer satisfaction is paramount at Total Bicycles, with a dedicated and friendly team always ready to help.
  • Passion for quality: Quality is the obsession. The team shares this passion and strives to deliver products that amaze our customers.
  • Innovation leader: They always stay on top of the latest developments in the bicycle industry, so they can offer the latest and most innovative products.
  • Superior quality and service: Quality and customer service are at the core of what they do at Total Bicycles. All our bikes are delivered ready to ride, with no need for additional add-ons. The team is always available to offer support and advice.

For anyone in Tilburg looking for a STOER Bike, combined with unparalleled service and expertise, Totaal Fietsen is the starting place for your cycling adventure.

Fatbike Tilburg

Interested? Be sure to take a look!

STOER Bikes invites all adventurers to discover the exciting world of fatbike experiences in Tilburg. In this article, we explain the versatility of fatbikes and present the STOER Ultimate S1+ as the perfect choice for bike lovers in Tilburg and the wider area. Known as the lowest-maintenance fatbike in the region, cycling in Tilburg, with its green forests, vibrant urban areas and rich cultural landscape, offers a special way to explore both the city and its varied natural surroundings. Regardless of your experience with cycling, a fatbike allows you to enjoy unique adventures even under changing weather conditions.

Fatbike Tilburg


This article explores the rise, popularity and future of fatbikes in Tilburg, a versatile choice for adventurers and everyday users. It highlights STOER Ultimate S1+ from STOER Bikes as the ideal fatbike with a long range and the capacity for two people, suitable for both urban and rural adventures. It also highlights the customer-oriented service and expertise of Totaal Fietsen in Tilburg, where quality and customer satisfaction are paramount. The article also points out the varied cycling routes and suitable accommodations in the region, making Tilburg an excellent destination for fatbike enthusiasts.