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Are you a bike enthusiast looking for a new challenge? Then consider exploring Schelluinen, the beautiful village 4 km from Gorinchem, on a fatbike from STOER Bikes. In this article, we will tell you the possibilities for bike lovers in Schelluinen, focusing on riding a fatbike. Get inspired to explore the beautiful surroundings of Schelluinen on one of the STOER Bikes.


The four main points of this article:

  • Sustainable cycling: Sustainable cycling reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, helps reduce traffic congestion, and supports lower demand for parking and road construction. It contributes to quieter, safer communities and promotes sustainable urban development.
  • Bicycle routes Schelluinen: Around Schelluinen you can get out and about by fatbike, there are plenty of routes that take you past beautiful places. From cozy village environments to green nature, there is always a bike route that suits you.
  • STOER Ultimate S1+: The fatbike with belt drive and a range of 80 to 100 kilometers on the highest assistance setting. The special feature of this STOER Bikes is the 2-speed motor that automatically downshifts, making the cycling experience even more natural.
  • STOER Bikes at Bike Totaal Schelluinen: Bike Totaal in Schelluinen offers STOER fatbikes of high quality.
Fatbike Schelluinen

Sustainable cycling

By getting on your bike, you're doing more than just getting from A to B; you're doing your part for a cleaner planet. Cycling doesn't emit CO2, so every time you leave the car for your fatbike, you're helping to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. It is also conducive to reducing those eternal traffic jams, and finding a parking spot becomes a thing of the past. Besides, the more people who bike, the more our cities and towns can develop into places where it is more pleasant and safe to live.

In addition, by choosing a STOER fatbike as your primary means of transportation, you are not only switching to a greener and healthier way of traveling, but you can also save quite a bit. Think about it: no more filling up with gasoline or diesel for your car or scooter, which can be a significant monthly expense with today's fuel prices. Moreover, the maintenance costs of a bicycle are usually much lower than those of motor vehicles, due to their simpler mechanics and the absence of expensive engine parts or electronic systems to repair or replace.

So by investing in a fatbike, you not only avoid the gas pump, but also reduce your monthly expenses. And that's just the beginning; you also contribute to a cleaner environment and promote your own health by being more active. It's a win-win situation: you save money while contributing to the health of both yourself and the planet. So let's hit those bike paths together and enjoy the fresh air and freedom that cycling on a fatbike offers us.

Bicycle routes Schelluinen

In Schelluinen and surrounding areas, you're in the right place for some solid pedaling on your fatbike. Whether you cruise through the village or opt for an adventure in nature, the choice of routes is vast. Take for example the "Merwede Route" that takes you along the river Merwede, where you can practically touch the water. Or how about the "Alblasserwaard Route", perfect for those who love polders and windmills? For the adventurous there is the "Gorinchem Round," where you explore the historic fortified town of Gorinchem and maybe even bike a bit over the city walls. And for a real nature experience, don't miss the "Biesbosch Route," where you cycle among the rustling reeds and the many waterways. Each route has its charm and shows you a unique part of the Netherlands, all from the saddle of your fatbike.

  1. Merwede Route: Cycle along the glistening Merwede, feel the fresh breeze and enjoy the beautiful view of the water. Perfect for water lovers.
  2. Alblasserwaard Route: Explore the green polders and iconic windmills. A picturesque tour that lets you experience the real Dutch countryside.
  3. Gorinchem Tour: Discover the historic fortified city of Gorinchem, with its ancient walls and gates. A mix of history and modern coziness.
  4. Biesbosch Route: Dive into nature and bike through National Park De Biesbosch, a unique freshwater tidal area full of adventurous trails and rustling reeds.

Each route offers a unique adventure and stunning views, ready to be discovered from the saddle of your fatbike. Time to pump up the tires and head out!

Fatbike Schelluinen

STOER Ultimate S1

Take your cycling experience to a whole new level with the STOER Ultimate S1+ fatbike. This revolutionary bike is equipped with a belt drive from Gates, a name synonymous with durability and near-silent operation. Unlike traditional chains, a belt drive requires less maintenance, doesn't lubricate, and most importantly, it doesn't rust. This makes the Ultimate S1+ ideally suited for all-weather adventure tours.

The range also speaks to the imagination: with 80 to 100 kilometers on the highest assistance setting, you can endlessly enjoy your rides without worrying about recharging. This is also made possible by the efficient 2-speed motor that automatically shifts through, giving you a smooth and natural cycling experience.

What really sets the Ultimate S1+ apart is the use of high-quality materials such as aluminum, titanium and stainless steel (SS). These materials not only guarantee a lightweight frame but also ensure that rust has no chance. Whether you're navigating the urban jungle or exploring unpaved trails in nature, the STOER Ultimate S1+ is built to perform without sacrificing style or durability.

In short, the STOER Ultimate S1+ represents an investment in top quality, comfort and durability. With this fatbike you choose not only an exceptional riding experience, but also a low-maintenance and rust-free future. Ideal for the adventurer who values quality and reliability.

Fatbike Schelluinen

Bike Totaal Schelluinen

At Bike Total in Schelluinen are ready to welcome you to the world of STOER fatbikes. The selection includes top models known for their robustness, reliability and style. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist looking for new adventures or a beginner wanting to discover the versatility of fatbikes, at bike total you will find the perfect match. The bike experts are ready with personal advice so that you don't just buy a bike, but an experience that enriches your cycling life. Stop by and discover for yourself why STOER fatbikes are the preferred choice for adventurers and cycling enthusiasts.

Fatbike Schelluinen

Thinking of buying a fatbike? Definitely a good plan!

STOER Bikes encourages everyone in Schelluinen to dive into the adventurous world of fatbike. This article has especially focused on the widely applicable fatbikes, and we point to our STOER Ultimate S1+ as the perfect companion for bike enthusiasts in Schelluinen and the surrounding area. Known as the fatbike with the least maintenance in this region, makes cycling in Schelluinen, rich in diverse landscapes and cultural heritage, a unique experience. It allows you to discover both the charms of the city and the varying nature. Regardless of your cycling experience, a fatbike allows you to enjoy every ride, even when the weather turns.