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Fatbikes in Hoogstraten: explore the neighborhood with STOER Bikes!

Welcome to Hoogstraten. At bicycle store Velofun in Hoogstraten you will discover the latest sensation in bicycles: STOER Bikes. These striking and robust bicycles combine style and functionality, and are perfect for both the daily ride through the city and relaxing trips in nature. With a wide range of models to choose from, Velofun offers the opportunity to buy or rent STOER Bikes so you can experience for yourself why these bikes are so beloved by cycling enthusiasts. Stop by and discover the perfect fatbike in Hoogstraten.

Here's what to expect in this article:

  • The unique advantages of fatbikes from STOER
    STOER fatbikes offer stability, low-maintenance Gates CDX belt drive, a long saddle for two and the best-tested UrbanX of 2024, according to Fietstest.nl.
  • On your fatbike in Hoogstraten: read here why!
    Cycle on your STOER Bike through Hoogstraten: a perfect setting for adventurous rides, where fatbikes with wide tires offer extra stability on a variety of terrains, from mud trails to winding roads.
  • Two beautiful bicycle routes in and around Hoogstraten
    Hoogstraten by itself, of course, does not represent much. But there are several wonderful cycling routes in this area. For example, you can cycle a long, pleasant route along the cute villages and farms, or you can choose the route through the Mark Valley. Both routes are great to cycle on a fatbike from STOER.
  • Velofun and STOER Bikes join forces in Hoogstraten
    At Velofun, STOER Bikes models are not only available for rent, but also for sale. The specialists in the store will be happy to help you pick out your perfect STOER Bike.
Fatbike Hoogstraten

The unique advantages of fatbikes from STOER

A fatbike offers an unparalleled riding experience thanks to the wide tires that provide extra stability and grip, regardless of the terrain. What makes STOER's fatbikes special is the Gates CDX belt drive instead of a traditional chain. This belt drive is extremely low-maintenance, quiet and durable, meaning you can enjoy cycling more without worrying about regular maintenance. In addition, STOER fatbikes have an extra-long saddle, which allows you to comfortable with two people cycling, something rare for most fatbikes. STOER's UrbanX model even won the title of best tested fatbike of 2024 in the Netherlands and Belgium, according to Cyclingtest.com, confirming the excellent quality and performance of this bike.

On your fatbike in Hoogstraten: read here why!

Hoogstraten, located in the beautiful region of the Belgian Kempen, is a charming town with a rich historical heritage and breathtaking scenery. Surrounded by vast meadows, picturesque farms and idyllic villages, Hoogstraten provides a perfect setting for cycling enthusiasts to explore. With its varied terrain, including both paved paths and dirt roads, Hoogstraten is ideal for adventurous bike rides. A fatbike is particularly suited to this environment because of its wide tires, which provide extra stability on different surfaces, whether muddy paths or winding roads. With a fatbike you can effortlessly ride through the landscape of Hoogstraten and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, while at the same time benefiting from the comfort and durability that this bike offers.

Two beautiful bicycle routes in and around Hoogstraten

In and around Hoogstraten, there are plenty of wonderful cycling routes worth exploring. One of the best routes is the "Hoogstraten Regional Products Route," which takes you past idyllic villages, vast meadows and picturesque farms, while enjoying local delicacies such as strawberries, cheese and beer along the way. Another favorite is the "Mark Valley Route," which winds through the picturesque landscape of the Mark Valley. This route offers a mix of nature and culture, with beautiful views of the Mark River, historic farmsteads and charming village centers. Both routes are perfect to discover with a STOER Bike from Velofun, which guarantee you a comfortable and unforgettable cycling experience.

Fatbike Hoogstraten

Velofun and STOER Bikes join forces in Hoogstraten

The collaboration between STOER Bikes and Velofun in Hoogstraten brings together two forces in the cycling world. Velofun, known for its extensive range and excellent customer service, is the ideal partner to offer the innovative and high-quality STOER Bikes. Thanks to this cooperation, customers in Hoogstraten and the surrounding area can now benefit from the unique advantages of STOER Bikes, such as the low-maintenance Gates CDX belt drive and the comfortable, extra-long saddles. Whether you want to buy or rent a bike, Velofun makes sure you find the perfect STOER Bike that meets all your needs, supported by expert advice and excellent service.

With the collaboration between STOER Bikes and Velofun in Hoogstraten, cycling in this region becomes even more attractive. Whether you want to explore the beautiful Hoogstraten Regional Route or the picturesque Markvallei Route, a STOER Bike offers you the perfect combination of comfort, style and reliability. Thanks, among other things, to the low-maintenance Gates CDX belt drive and the comfortable, long saddle, STOER fatbikes are ideal for both solo adventures and enjoyable rides with two people. Visit Velofun to try the best-tested fatbike of 2024, the UrbanX by STOER, for yourself and discover how these exceptional fatbikes can take your cycling experience to the next level.

At Velofun in Hoogstraten you can experience for yourself what it's like to ride a STOER Bike by taking a free test ride. Discover the benefits of the low-maintenance Gates CDX belt drive, the comfortable, long saddle and much more of this peerless UrbanX, the best-tested fatbike of 2024 in the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether you're considering buying or renting a bike, a test ride at Velofun gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the quality and riding pleasure of STOER Bikes. Stop by Velofun and be convinced by these innovative fatbikes, and get ready for unforgettable cycling adventures in and around Hoogstraten.