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Zwolle is a city rich in history and surrounded by beautiful nature, making it an ideal place for cycling enthusiasts. This article takes you on a journey through the unique experiences you can have with a fatbike in Zwolle, and shows which routes and sights to see.


The five main points of this article:

  1. Zwolle is ideal for fatbiking
    Zwolle, in Overijssel, offers a mix of city life and nature, ideal for fatbiking. The city lends itself perfectly to tours on wide tires, both through historic streets and on unpaved paths outside the city. The robust fatbike is perfect for this diversity.
  2. A fatbike from STOER Bikes
    STOER Bikes offers durable and secure bikes with features such as belt drive, LCD display, Bafang 2-speed drive, PIN code immobilizer, and ABUS lock. With Tracefy GPS, the chances of recovery after theft are high.
  3. Zwolle; a mega bike-friendly city
    Zwolle, known for being bike-friendly with well-maintained trails, is ideal for both short getaways and long bike rides. The city was named best bike city worldwide by People for Bikes.
  4. Popular bicycle routes in Zwolle
    Explore Zwolle's splendor via four unique cycling routes, ideal for both short and long trips, and experience the region's diversity.
  5. Buying a fatbike in Zwolle
    In Zwolle, you can find STOER Bikes' high-quality Ultimate S1+ and UrbanX fatbikes at RB Wheels. Enjoy professional service and test different models to find the ideal match for your cycling adventures.

Zwolle is ideal for fatbiking

Zwolle, located in the heart of Overijssel, combines the best of both worlds: vibrant city life and breathtaking natural scenes. This dynamic makes Zwolle an ideal place for fatbiking. The city and its surroundings invite discovery on wide tires, whether cycling through the historic streets or exploring the nearby nature. The fatbike, with its robust build and wide tires, is perfectly suited for both the cozy streets and the unpaved roads found outside Zwolle.

Fatbike Zwolle

A fatbike from STOER Bikes

STOER Bikes emphasizes quality, resulting in bikes with remarkable durability and a trusted riding experience. This reliability comes from features such as the innovative belt drive, a bright LCD display, and the efficient Bafang 2-speed drive. Worried about theft? No worries every model from STOER Bikes is equipped with PIN code immobilization, and the Ultimate S1+ comes standard with an ABUS Bordo ART 2 folding lock. Should your bike still be stolen, all our models are also equipped with an advanced Tracefy GPS system, this system offers more than 90% chance that your bike will be recovered by emergency services.

Zwolle; a mega bike-friendly city

Zwolle is strongly committed to being bike-friendly, with well-maintained bike paths connecting the city and surrounding nature. This makes Zwolle not only an attractive destination for a day out, but also for longer bicycle trips.... This effort has led to recognition on an international level; People for Bikes named Zwolle the best bike city in the world.

Popular bicycle routes in Zwolle

Discover the beauty of Zwolle and its surroundings through four diverse bicycle routes, each with its own charm and unique experiences. Each route has been carefully mapped out to accommodate both short jaunts and longer trips, allowing you to experience Zwolle and its beautiful surroundings in the best way possible:

  • Round Zwolle: The famous bicycle route 'Rondje Zwolle' takes you on a discovery tour of over 40 kilometers along the beautiful nature and sights that Zwolle has to offer. This route offers the flexibility to choose shorter variants of 25 or 30 kilometers, depending on your preference. The journey begins at Zwolle's train station, where clearly marked signs will show you the way. Along the way you pass the IJssel River, the Engelse Werk, and finally the Agnietenberg forest.
  • The Hanseatic Route: this historic route takes you through the heart of Zwolle and further along the traces of the mighty Hanseatic League. Explore Zwolle's beautiful architecture and cozy market squares. With a distance adjustable to your own preference, this route offers a unique combination of culture and history.
  • The Vecht Valley Route: Explore the beautiful countryside along the Vecht River. Ideal for those who love nature, this route leads you through the countryside outside Zwolle and past cozy villages. Regardless of your starting point, it is possible to customize this route so that you can cover a distance that meets your own preferences. The vechtdal route is for everyone!
  • Along the black water: this route along the black water takes you on a tour between Zwolle and Hasselt and takes you past Zwartsluis, each with their unique charm. The total distance of the route is 45 kilometers, which amounts to about 2 hours of cycling, excluding breaks. While cycling along the Zwarte Water, you will pass through several villages where time seems to stand still. Be surprised by the beautiful views and make sure to enjoy the surroundings to the fullest.
Fatbike Zwolle

Buying a fatbike in Zwolle

For those interested in purchasing a Fatbike in Zwolle, STOER Bikes' Ultimate S1+ and UrbanX are an excellent choice. These fatbikes are designed with the best quality and user experience in mind. The fatbikes from STOER Bikes are for sale at RB Wheels , the bicycle specialist in Zwolle! At RB Wheels you can count on professional service and you get the opportunity to try out various models, so you can find the fatbike that perfectly suits your cycling style. Discover the freedom and fun of fatbiking with a STOER Bike, available in Zwolle.

How fast can I ride a fatbike in Zwolle?

In Zwolle there is a speed limit of 30 km per hour per car in the city center, which increases safety for all road users and contributes to a more pleasant living environment. STOER's fatbikes have a legal speed limit of 25 km per hour, this not only complies with the speed restrictions, but also promotes safe and environmentally conscious riding. This makes STOER fatbikes a good choice for cruising the streets of Zwolle.


Zwolle is a top destination for fatbikers, with routes connecting the city and nature. STOER Bikes, available at RB Wheels, offers the ultimate fatbikes for this experience, with high-end features for safety and comfort. The city, recognized as the world's best bike city, welcomes cyclists to its bike-friendly trails. Whether exploring the historic city or the natural surroundings, suggested routes such as 'Rondje Zwolle' and the 'Vechtdalroute' provide a unique experience. With STOER Bikes, you will enjoy Zwolle's splendor safely and stylishly.