STOER secured Fatbike Insurance

STOER Insured Fatbike Insurance provides comprehensive and flexible coverage for fatbike owners. Below are the key features and benefits of this insurance:

Directly insurable:
Unlike many competitors where there is a 45-day waiting period, STOER Bikes allows you to be insured immediately. This means your fatbike is protected from day one against various causes of damage.

Coverage of new-for-old value up to 3 Years:
In the event of theft or total loss within three years, you will receive a replacement fatbike from an affiliated dealer. This is one year longer than what many other insurers offer, which only reimburse the new-for-old value for up to two years. After three years, the daily value of the fatbike is reimbursed.

Low deductible:
STOER Secured Fatbike Insurance has a very low deductible of €150 per claim, which is significantly lower than many other insurers. In case of complete theft, there is even no deductible.

The premium for this insurance varies depending on the area, and is between €25 and €35 per month. You can choose to pay the premium monthly or annually.

Breakdown assistance:
The insurance includes standard roadside assistance in the Netherlands. This means that in case of breakdown on the road, such as mechanical problems or flat tires, both the fatbike and the rider will be transported to the starting point, home address or a bike repair shop.

Comprehensive claims coverage:
This insurance covers damage to your fatbike due to a sudden external cause, such as damage caused by an accident, collision, fire or vandalism. Theft and damage due to attempted theft are also covered, provided the fatbike was locked with ART-approved lock (category 2 or higher) and the registered keys can be presented.

- Your fatbike must have an ART 2 approved lock.
- Tracefy's GPS and bikehunting feature must be active. This helps in quickly recovering the stolen bike and provides additional security.

Recourse assistance:
With the recovery service, you get help in recovering damages caused in the Netherlands by another motorized vehicle that is legally liable.

Flexibility in payment and termination:
You can choose to pay the premium monthly or annually. The insurance begins on the date indicated on the policy and is automatically renewed annually. After the first year, you can cancel the insurance in writing through your intermediary with one month's notice.