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Dive deeper into the world of cycling with STOER Bikes and discover the diverse charms of Haarlem. In this article, we will take you on several cycling routes that highlight the beauty of the city and its surroundings. We will also highlight our partnership with Green Bikes, which shares our vision of sustainable mobility. In addition, we will highlight our sponsorship of HC Bloemendaal and what this means for us and for the community. Whether you're a passionate cyclist or grab the bike every now and then, this guide offers valuable insights and inspiration for your next cycling adventure in and around Haarlem.


What will you find out after reading this article?

  • Welcome to Haarlem, the perfect start for your cycling adventure!
    Haarlem, rich in history and culture, is perfect for exploring by STOER Bike: city, dunes, and Keukenhof fields.
  • Cycling routes in and around Haarlem: from urban trails to natural splendor
    Explore Haarlem's historic city, breathtaking dunes, and Keukenhof via STOER Bike routes. Discover monumental buildings, unique nature, and world-famous flower fields for a complete and enriching cycling experience.
  • A strong partnership: STOER Bikes and Green Bikes
    STOER Bikes is partnering with Green Bikes to bring high-quality fatbikes to Haarlem as well.
  • Sponsoring HC Bloemendaal: a sporting partnership
    STOER Bikes sponsors HC Bloemendaal, strengthens regional sports and health, and shares sporting values with the local community.
  • Try a STOER Bike: free test rides at Green Bikes
    At Green Bikes, you can now be the only one in Haarlem and the surrounding area to try out a STOER Bike through a free test ride.
Fatbike Haarlem

Welcome to Haarlem, the perfect start for your cycling adventure!

Haarlem, with its historic charm and vibrant culture, is the ideal base for exploring by bicycle. Whether riding through the city's cute streets, soaking up the fresh sea air in the dunes, or exploring the colorful fields around Keukenhof, Haarlem offers something for every cyclist. And with a STOER Bike, you'll turn every bike ride into an unforgettable experience.

Fatbike Haarlem

Cycling routes in and around Haarlem: from urban trails to natural splendor

Through the city
Discover Haarlem's hidden gems with routes that take you past monumental buildings, through cozy shopping streets and along the scenic Spaarne River. A city tour with a STOER Bike is the perfect way to experience the city's history and contemporary art scene.

To the dunes and beach
For nature lovers, we offer routes from the center of Haarlem to the breathtaking dunes and further to the coast. Cycle at your leisure to Zandvoort or Bloemendaal aan Zee and enjoy the unique flora and fauna along the way.

Along the meadow to Keukenhof
A bike ride in spring is not complete without a visit to the Keukenhof. From Haarlem, picturesque bike paths lead you past vast meadows directly to this world-famous flower garden.

A strong partnership: STOER Bikes and Green Bikes

In our mission to promote sustainable mobility, we are proud of our partnership with Green Bikes, the bike store in Haarlem. Green Bikes, known for their passion for quality and service, will offer STOER Bikes exclusively. This partnership allows us to provide both local and visiting bike enthusiasts with high-quality, tough fatbikes, perfect for exploring the region. Pick up your new fatbike in Haarlem at Green Bikes!

Fatbike Haarlem

Sponsoring HC Bloemendaal: a sporting partnership

As part of our commitment to the local community, we are also the proud sponsor of HC Bloemendaal, one of the top field hockey clubs in the Netherlands. This sponsorship reflects our support of sports and health in the region, and gives us the opportunity to share the sporting values we hold dear at STOER Bikes with the community. Cycle your fatbike from Haarlem to the field hockey club in no time!

Fatbike Haarlem

Try a STOER Bike: Free test rides at Green Bikes

Interested in experiencing the quality and comfort of a STOER Bike? Visit Green Bikes in Haarlem for a free test ride. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you choose the perfect bike for your needs and tell you more about the best routes in and around the city.

With versatile cycling routes, cooperation with Green Bikes, and support for local sports by HC Bloemendaal, STOER Bikes offers a unique cycling experience in Haarlem. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor, the freedom and fun of cycling on a STOER Bike will let you experience the beauty of Haarlem in a whole new way. Get on a STOER Bike and find out why you too should choose a fatbike in Haarlem!

Fatbike Haarlem

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