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On an adventure with your STOER Bike in Blaricum

Are you ready to explore the charming surroundings of Blaricum in a whole new way? The STOER Bike fatbike, available from MT Bicycle Service, offers you the perfect combination of style, power and durability for both exploring rugged terrain and enjoying quiet streets. In this article, we dive deeper into the fatbike's versatility, explore the best bike routes around Blaricum, and highlight the benefits of choosing a STOER Bike. Get ready for an adventurous ride you won't soon forget!

What can you expect in this article?

  • Versatility of the fatbike
    Fatbikes are loved by adventure cyclists thanks to their wide tires that provide stability and grip on a variety of surfaces, from soft sand to rocky trails. These rugged bikes are designed for both everyday use and extreme expeditions, making them usable year-round for adventures in different climates and terrains.
  • Fatbikes in Blaricum
    Explore Blaricum's nature and streets with STOER Bikes fatbike.
  • Why a fatbike in Blaricum?
    Explore Blaricum effortlessly with the powerful, comfortable bike.
  • Cycling routes nearby
    Blaricum offers several bicycle routes through the scenic Gooi, from nature-rich trails along Lake Gooi to historic villages and the expansive Table Mountain Heath. These tours range from 20 to 35 kilometers, ideal for both nature lovers and culture buffs who want to explore the area in a comfortable way.
  • STOOD at MT Bicycle Service
    MT Fiets-service in Blaricum offers expert bicycle advice, maintenance and repairs, perfect for fatbike enthusiasts who appreciate quality and service.
  • Benefits of a STOER Bike
    STOER Bikes combine style with technology, offering smooth riding with low-maintenance belt drive, comfort through deluxe suspension, safety with hydraulic brakes and anti-puncture tires, and precise navigation through LED lighting and GPS.
Fatbike Blaricum

Versatility of the fatbike

Fatbikes are popular with bicycle adventurers for their ability to adapt to diverse environments and climates. Prized for their ability to access new areas, these bikes are equipped with remarkably wide tires that provide excellent grip and stability on varying surfaces such as soft sand, mud, snow and rocks. The wide tires also act as shock absorbers, making rides over rugged terrain more enjoyable. Whether you want to explore the wilderness, cruise through urban streets, or glide through snowy landscapes, fatbikes make it possible to ride adventurous and everyday routes year-round. Their durability and adaptability make them ideal for both extreme expeditions and everyday use.

Fatbikes in Blaricum

With its beautiful natural areas and picturesque streets, Blaricum offers the perfect setting for a leisurely bike ride. And what better way to explore this idyllic village than on a modern fatbike? At STOER Bikes, in unique collaboration with MT Bicycle Service, we make this not only possible, but memorable.

Why a fatbike in Blaricum?

A fatbike is the ideal choice for exploring Blaricum. Whether you're climbing gentle hills of the Gooi or cycling through the blooming moors, the fatbike offers comfort and convenience that traditional bikes can't match. With the support of a powerful 250-watt motor and a robust 48v 20ah Samsung battery, you can cover longer distances without tiring.

Fatbike Blaricum

Cycling routes nearby

Blaricum, located in the beautiful Gooi, offers plenty of quiet, natural cycling routes that are ideal for exploring by fatbike. Here are four beautiful cycling routes in and around Blaricum:

  1. Round Gooimeer: This route offers a beautiful combination of nature and water. Cycle from Blaricum towards Huizen and follow the paths along Lake Gooimeer. Enjoy views of the calm water and green parks. This route is about 25 kilometers long and offers quiet roads and well-maintained bike paths.
  2. Hei en Bos Route: Depart from Blaricum and cycle through the vast heathlands and forests of the Gooi. This route of about 30 kilometers lets you experience the natural beauty of the region, with a mix of open landscapes and forest roads.
  3. Historic Villages Route: This tour takes you through some of the most picturesque villages around Blaricum, such as Laren, Eemnes and Baarn. Discover historic buildings, cozy village centers and local art galleries. The route is about 35 kilometers long and offers a good mix of culture and nature.
  4. Tafelbergheide Route: Especially for nature lovers, this shorter route of about 20 kilometers is ideal. You cycle through the beautiful Tafelbergheide, one of the highest points in the Gooi, with impressive views and rich nature.

Each route offers unique views and experiences, perfect for a fatbike day out in beautiful Blaricum and the surrounding area.

STOOD at MT Bicycle Service

This unique partnership with MT Fiets-service means you can count on expert advice and maintenance near you. MT Fiets-service in Blaricum is highly regarded for their excellent customer service and technical expertise. The team of experienced mechanics provide reliable maintenance and quick repairs, with a personalized approach that ensures each customer receives top quality service and care for their bike.

For those in Blaricum looking for the perfect fatbike, combined with top service and expertise, MT Fiets-service is where your adventure begins.

Benefits of a STOER Bike

Our rugged bikes are more than just a means of getting from A to B; they are a statement of style and advanced technology. Here's how each element of our fatbike contributes to a superior riding experience:

  1. Low maintenance belt drive
    Thanks to the Gates CDX belt drive our fatbikes are easy to maintain and offer an unparalleled smooth ride. You don't have to worry about lubricating a chain, which is ideal for today's busy lifestyle.
  2. Comfort even on rough roads
    With an elegant leather saddle and robust front and rear suspension, your STOER Bike offers comfort on any type of surface. Even on the bumpy cobblestone roads of Blaricum, you will continue to ride comfortably.
  3. Safety first
    For your safety, STOER bikes are equipped with Tektro hydraulic brakes and anti-puncture tires. This combination ensures that you can come to a stop quickly and safely, regardless of the weather or road conditions.
  4. Lighting and navigation
    A powerful 12 lamp beads LED headlight ensures your road is always well lit, day or night. Combined with a GPS system that connects to your smartphone via an app, you'll always be on the right route, wherever your adventure takes you.

Every aspect of our STOER fatbikes is designed to enhance your riding experience, allowing you to ride with confidence and comfort.

Buying a fatbike? Good idea!

STOER Bikes welcomes all adventurers to discover the excitement of fatbikes in Blaricum. Our bikes require the least amount of maintenance in the region and allow you to explore Blaricum's dynamic landscape and rich cultural heritage, from rural roads to urban trails. For cyclists of any level, the STOER offers the opportunity to take on adventure regardless of changing weather conditions.

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Are you ready to experience the beauty of Blaricum in a whole new way? Whether you want to brave the rugged terrain or explore the serene trails, a STOER fatbike is ready to start your adventure. With minimal maintenance requirements and maximum performance, our STOER bikes are the ideal companion for your next outing. Book a free test ride today at MT Fiets-service in Blaricum and experience for yourself the freedom and fun of cycling on a STOER bike. Let the adventure begin - your new bike is waiting for you!


In summary, the STOER Bike fatbike in Blaricum offers a unique combination of adventure, comfort and technology. In cooperation with MT Fiets-service, this guarantees the ideal support for both relaxed and adventurous bike rides. Book a test ride to experience the quality and versatility of STOER Bikes for yourself.

Did you know that STOER Bikes has dealers throughout the Netherlands? Below are a few of our dealers near Blaricum.

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