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Ripping through Arnhem with your STOER Bike

Welcome to the world of STOER Bikes, where technological innovation and practical design come together to deliver exceptional cycling experiences. Whether you are commuting through the city daily or taking on the challenge of rugged nature trails, STOER Bikes are designed to deliver both performance and comfort. With powerful motors and low-maintenance drive systems, our bikes offer a seamless combination of durability and style, making every ride effortless and enjoyable. Discover how our bikes can help you ride more efficiently, comfortably and with more fun, both around town and beyond.

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  • Discover Arnhem on a STOER Bike: Adventure and comfort in one ride
    Arnhem's diverse landscapes are ideal for STOER Bikes' fatbike, offered with Novabikes for unique experiences.
  • Why a fatbike in Arnhem?
    Arnhem's landscape is ideal for STOER Bikes' versatile, comfortable fatbike, suitable for all terrains.
  • Benefits of a STOER Bike
    STOER Bikes combines technological innovation with practical design for comfortable and reliable urban and nature rides.
  • Unique collaboration with Novabikes
    Novabikes in Arnhem offers expert service and advice for fatbike enthusiasts.

Discover Arnhem on a STOER Bike: adventure and comfort in one ride

Arnhem, with its dynamic landscapes ranging from dense forests to urban trails, offers the ideal setting for cycling enthusiasts. For those who want to fully experience this diversity, the fatbike from STOER Bikes offers the perfect solution.

In partnership with Novabikes, STOER Bikes presents a unique cycling experience in the heart of this vibrant city. With STOER Bikes' robust fatbikes, adventurers can traverse the vast forests of the Veluwe, explore the winding paths of the Posbank and even brave the bustling streets of the city center.

Whether you're looking for an adventurous ride through nature or a challenging trek through the city, STOER Bikes' fatbikes are designed to handle any terrain. Thanks to the partnership with Novabikes, these bikes are now available for rental in Arnhem, so you can discover for yourself the diversity of this beautiful city. With STOER Bikes and Novabikes you are ready for an unforgettable cycling experience in Arnhem!

Why a fatbike in Arnhem?

Arnhem, a city rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage, is known for its rolling hills and vast natural parks such as the Hoge Veluwe, which invite visitors to explore its breathtaking landscapes. This varied terrain calls for a robust and reliable bike that can handle the challenges of both the natural environment and urban complexity. The STOER Bike, with its wide tires and powerful build, is just such a bike, specially designed to navigate effortlessly through different types of terrain. These bikes are not only ideal for the rugged nature trails of Arnhem but also perfectly suited to the urban environment, combining comfort and efficiency. With features such as a powerful motor and advanced suspension, the STOER Bike offers a smooth and comfortable ride, whether you are cycling along uneven forest trails or navigating busy city streets. The versatility of the STOER Bike makes it the ultimate choice for cyclists who want to make the most of their riding experience in Arnhem, enjoying both natural splendor and urban dynamism.

Fatbike Arnhem

Benefits of a STOER Bike

STOER Bikes distinguishes itself by combining technological innovation with practical design, resulting in a superior cycling experience. Each bike is equipped with a powerful 250-watt motor, which effortlessly supports even the longest rides, and a robust Gates CDX belt drive, which simplifies maintenance and increases durability. These specifications ensure that cyclists of all abilities can enjoy a reliable, comfortable ride, whether navigating urban streets or exploring adventurous trails in nature. With a focus on both functionality and style, STOER Bikes offer an optimal blend of performance and ease of use, making them an excellent choice for both daily commuters and weekend adventurers.

Unique collaboration with Novabikes

Through our collaboration with Novabikes in Arnhem, customers can count on expert advice and service close to home. Novabikes is known for its customer-centric approach and technical expertise, ensuring every fatbike enthusiast receives the best support. This partnership reinforces our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality assurance, ensuring that every aspect of your cycling experience is seamless. Whether it's modifications to your new bike, routine maintenance or extensive repairs, Novabikes' experienced technicians are ready to use their knowledge and skills to ensure your STOER Bike is always in top condition.

Try it for yourself: free test ride at Novabikes

Experience the quality and comfort of a STOER Bike fatbike for yourself with a free test ride at Novabikes. Whether you want the challenge of the Arnhem hills or just want to experience the city differently, a test ride will convince you of the unique features of this bike.

Whether it's an adventure in nature or an efficient ride around town, a STOER Bike offers the perfect combination of technology and comfort for any bike ride. Visit Novabikes in Arnhem today to start your own adventure. Be surprised by the versatility of a STOER Bike and book a free test ride now!

In conclusion, STOER Bikes represents the ideal synergy between advanced technology and thoughtful design, which together deliver an unparalleled cycling experience. Whether navigating the city or taking on the challenge of rough trails, these bikes are built to provide both comfort and reliability in all conditions. The powerful motor and low-maintenance belt drive system guarantee that every ride is smooth and enjoyable. Choose STOER Bikes to transform your daily travels and take on every adventure with confidence and style.

What are you waiting for? Stop by Novabikes in Arnhem and start your adventure with a STOER Bike fatbike. Your new way of exploring is waiting for you!