Press Release: STOER Bikes unveils innovative UrbanX fatbike

Celebratory unveiling

STOER Bikes, a fast-growing name in the bike industry, proudly announced the launch of its newest flagship bike: the UrbanX Fatbike. This mature fatbike embodies the highest standards of innovation and craftsmanship and was unveiled at Vaneman Bikestore in Aalsmeer.

The UrbanX is a bold step forward in the world of fatbikes, designed by the team at STOER Bikes. It combines unmatched performance with stunning design and offers cyclists a unique experience on every ride. Equipped with the latest technological gadgets, this premium bike is designed with ultimate comfort and durability in mind.

The flagship feature of the UrbanX is the standard belt drive, which ensures a smooth and quiet riding experience, free of maintenance. In addition, the bike is equipped with advanced GPS functionality, a battery integrated into the frame for theft protection and the enclosed Bafang system for optimal performance.

As icing on the cake, the UrbanX features the innovative Bafang 2speed motor, which provides powerful support with every pedal and an automatic transmission in the hub. This motor, combined with STOER Bikes' sophisticated design, guarantees an unparalleled riding experience, both on dirt and urban roads.

The combination makes it unique

The combination makes it unique Thomas Visser, Director of STOER Bikes, shares his enthusiasm about the UrbanX and the Bafang 2speed motor: "With the UrbanX we have set a new standard for fatbikes. The combination of high-quality materials, advanced technologies and our unique design makes this bike truly extraordinary. The addition of the Bafang 2speed motor takes performance to the next level, allowing cyclists to effortlessly enjoy every ride, no matter the conditions."

The launch of the UrbanX marks a milestone in the history of STOER Bikes and promises to change the world of cycling.