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Discover Akersloot in a unique way with a fatbike from STOER Bikes

Akersloot is a place full of nature and culture, perfect for the fatbike! At STOER Bikes you'll find the perfect fatbikes to explore every corner of Akersloot. The wide tires are ideal for all trails, from sand to mud. This makes every ride a unique adventure!


What can you expect in this article?

  1. Fatike opportunities in Akersloot
    Akersloot, with its nearby polders and the Alkmaardermeer, offers perfect conditions for fatbike tours. The thick tires of fatbikes make them suitable for adventurous routes through nature that is otherwise difficult to access.
  2. Buying a fatbike in Akersloot
    STOER Bikes fatbikes are now available at Romeco Trading in Akersloot, a dealer known for cargo bikes since 2007 and now offering the fatbike experience. This makes Romeco Trading the ideal place for local bike enthusiasts to discover a fatbike.
  3. STOER Bikes; the ideal choice
    STOER Bikes stands for quality with models like the Ultimate S1+ and UrbanX, suitable for city riding and nature adventures. Equipped with advanced technology such as Bafang 2-speed motor, PIN code immobilizer, high capacity batteries, Gatex CDX belt drive, and Tracefy GPS, they offer luxury and a premium experience.

Fatbike opportunities in Akersloot

The village offers access to unique natural areas, such as the polders and nearby Alkmaarder Lake. Fatbikes are unique for their thick tires; they are specially designed to ride with ease over dirt roads, muddy trails and even along water sides. This makes them ideal for an adventurous ride through the nature around Akersloot, allowing you to reach places less accessible for regular bikes.

Fatbike Akersloot

Bike routes in Akersloot

For a fatbike adventure in and around Akersloot, there are several interesting routes that explore the region's unique combination of nature, water and culture. Here are some recommended routes:

  1. Round Alkmaardermeer: This route takes you around the Alkmaardermeer, directly south of Akersloot. Ideal for fatbikes because of the mix of paved and unpaved paths along the water and through the polders. Along the way you can enjoy beautiful views of the lake and surrounding nature.
  2. Village tour through the polder: Explore the typical North Holland villages and countryside around Akersloot. This tour goes through the vast polders, past windmills, and characteristic farms. The route offers many unpaved paths that are perfect for a fatbike.
  3. Beach Route Castricum: From Akersloot you can easily cycle to the beach at Castricum aan Zee. This route combines forest paths, dune landscapes and finally the beach itself, where you can get along well with a fatbike on the soft sand.
  4. Zaanse Schans route: For a cultural outing on a fatbike, the route to the Zaanse Schans offers a great opportunity. Although most of this route is on paved roads, the landscape around Zaanse Schans, with its historic windmills and old crafts, offers a unique experience.
  5. Waterland route: This longer route takes you through the beautiful Waterland north of Amsterdam. Starting in Akersloot, you cycle through typical HollandFatbike buy in Akersloot

Buying a fatbike in Akersloot

STOER Bikes' fatbikes are now available at Romeco Trading. This new dealer brings the fatbike experience to Akersloot, perfect for the cyclist who wants to explore the local countryside. They have been known as the specialist in cargo bikes since 2007. Now they are innovating with the fatbikes from STOER Bikes. This makes Romeco Trading the perfect place to meet your fatbike in Akersloot

Please note, Romeco Trading is open Wednesday through Saturday and by appointment only, so plan your visit for the best fatbike experience!

Fatbike Akersloot

STOER Bikes; the ideal choice

Choosing STOER Bikes means choosing quality. With the robust Ultimate S1+ and the versatile UrbanX STOER Bikes offers something unique for every cyclist. Whether you're cruising the city or exploring nature, these fatbikes are designed to make every ride exceptional. With advanced features like the Bafang 2-speed motor, PIN code start lock, 960wh or 720 wh battery, Gatex CDX belt drive and Tracefy GPS app connect, our fatbike is equipped with optimal luxury, STOER Bikes guarantees an unparalleled cycling experience. And with the added security of the ABUS Bordo ART 2 lock with the Ultimate S1+, your adventure is not only adventurous, but also safe.

Fatbike with child seat

A child seat on a fatbike is certainly possible, at STOER Bikes we offer the opportunity to upgrade your bike with a high quality child seat from our partner 'Urban Iki'. Together we get you and your little one on the fatbike in a stylish and safe way, so you can explore the world with confidence and ease with your little ones on board.


Discover Akersloot in a unique way with STOER Bikes' fatbikes, now available at Romeco Trading. Perfect for exploring Akersloot's nature and culture, these bikes are equipped for all trails thanks to their wide tires. Whether you are riding through polders, exploring the Alkmaardermeer, or visiting cultural sites like the Zaanse Schans, there is a route for every preference. Equipped with advanced features like the Bafang 2-speed motor and Tracefy GPS, STOER Bikes' Ultimate S1+ and UrbanX models promise an unparalleled experience. Moreover, STOER Bikes offers the option to upgrade a fatbike with a child seat from Urban Iki, perfect for family adventures. Visit Romeco Trading in Akersloot for this unique fatbike experience, available Wednesday to Saturday by appointment.