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Explore Lisse on your STOER Bike: cycling in style

In the heart of the flower region, Lisse offers more than just its world-famous flower fields; it is also home to Scooter Deluxe, the place for scooter enthusiasts. At Scooter Deluxe in Lisse, you can experience the ultimate feeling of freedom on one of our top-of-the-line scooters. Whether you want to cruise through the colorful tulip fields or explore the village, Scooter Deluxe now offers our electric fatbikes in addition to their scooters to tour the roads with ease.

With our extensive collection, from classic to modern, and our expert service, Scooter Deluxe is the ideal start for an unforgettable ride through Lisse and the surrounding area. Each visit to our showroom promises a personalized approach where customer satisfaction is paramount. Discover for yourself why a fatbike in Lisse from Scooter Deluxe is your best choice for exploring the city and its surroundings. Enjoy the freedom that only a fatbike can offer you.

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  • The charms of Lisse: adventurous and cozy on a STOER Bike
    Discover Lisse alive and charming on a STOER Bike. Versatile, comfortable and suitable for two, perfect for exploring nature and culture in a unique way.
  • STOER Bikes and Scooter Deluxe unite forces in Lisse, Netherlands
    STOER Bikes and Scooter Deluxe in Lisse combine expertise and customer friendliness, offering top quality fatbikes and thus enriching the local community with outstanding service.
  • Two beautiful bicycle routes in Lisse
    Explore Lisse via the Keukenhof and Lisserbroek routes; ideal for nature and photo enthusiasts.
Fatbike Lisse

The charms of Lisse: adventurous and cozy on a STOER Bike

Explore Lisse in a way that is as vibrant and charming as the city itself-on a STOER Bike! This powerhouse among fatbikes lets you not only see Lisse, but really experience it. Whether you ride along the vast flower fields, visit the historical sights, or take a cozy coffee break in the center, a STOER Bike makes every ride unforgettable.

One of the biggest advantages of a STOER Bike is its unparalleled versatility. The thick, rugged tires offer comfort and stability on all types of surfaces. Cycle with ease along streets, rugged country roads, or through soft dirt paths that take you past the colorful tulip fields of Lisse. The fatbike is specially designed to offer the rider a smooth and stable experience, which is essential in an area where nature and landscape are so diverse.

Moreover, the STOER Bike has powerful support that can reach up to 80 kilometers. This means you can discover all the wonderful corners of Lisse and the surrounding region without worrying about long distances. And, what's really special, you can share these adventures. In fact, the STOER Bike is strong enough to comfortable with two people cycling, a rarity with many e-bikes.

Exploring Lisse on a STOER Bike thus brings not only the pleasure of cycling, but also the beauty of experiencing adventures together. Every ride becomes an opportunity to explore the natural and cultural resources of this beautiful region together with a friend or loved one. Whether it's a leisurely ride through the blooming fields or an active day on the more challenging trails, a STOER Bike makes every experience better. Hop on and let Lisse enchant you on two wheels!

STOER Bikes and Scooter Deluxe unite forces in Lisse, Netherlands

The collaboration between STOER Bikes and Scooter Deluxe in Lisse, the Netherlands, is an example of how two dedicated parties can work together to transform the cycling experience. Scooter Deluxe, known for its expertise in scooters, is extending its passion and craftsmanship to the world of fatbikes by joining forces with STOER Bikes. This collaboration brings a new level of product expertise and customer friendliness to Lisse, benefiting bike enthusiasts.

At Scooter Deluxe, customer-friendliness is key. Customers can count on a warm welcome and a listening ear for all their needs and questions. The team at Scooter Deluxe goes beyond simply offering products; they provide an experience as enriching as the products themselves. The staff is extensively trained in the specifications and benefits of STOER Bikes, allowing them to not only inform customers, but also advise them on the best bike choices for their particular situation.

The service at Scooter Deluxe is equally impressive. Customers can rely on reliable aftercare and excellent maintenance service that ensures their STOER Bike is always in top condition. From routine maintenance to more complex adjustments, Scooter Deluxe's expertise ensures that every bike performs at its best.

This partnership between STOER Bikes and Scooter Deluxe enriches the local community by making top quality fatbikes accessible, supported by a team that truly cares about its customers. This partnership embodies a shared vision of quality, customer satisfaction and exceptional cycling experiences. For a fatbike in Lisse, Scooter Deluxe is the place to be!


Fatbike Lisse

Two beautiful bicycle routes in Lisse

Discover Lisse with two enchanting bicycle routes that perfectly reflect the beauty of this flower city. The Keukenhof Route takes you past the world-famous gardens of Keukenhof, where you can enjoy the blooming tulips, hyacinths and other bulbous plants between March and May. This route is ideal for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. For a more rural experience, there is the Lisserbroek Route, winding through the quiet polders and along scenic waterways. Both routes offer a relaxing way to explore the natural and cultural splendor of Lisse on a fatbike. Perfect for a day out with a bike from STOER Bikes.

Experience it for yourself: book a test ride on a STOER Bike at Scooter Deluxe

Taking a test ride is the best way to experience for yourself the unique experience a STOER Bike offers. At Scooter Deluxe in Lisse, you can easily book a test ride to experience for yourself how these rugged fatbikes perform on the flowery roads and trails of the city. Whether you're interested in the comfort of the wide tires, the power of the electric assist, or the overall feel of the bike, a test ride will give you immediate insight into all the benefits. Stop by, hop on a STOER Bike and experience for yourself what it's like to explore Lisse in this special way.

The collaboration between STOER Bikes and Scooter Deluxe offers a unique opportunity to experience Lisse in a whole new way. Whether riding through the flowery fields or exploring the quiet polder paths, a STOER Bike offers comfort, stability and fun. With options for a free test ride at Scooter Deluxe, you can discover for yourself the quality and comfort of these bikes. This partnership enriches the local bike culture and offers excellent service, making every bike ride an unforgettable experience. Hop on a STOER Bike and get ready to explore the beauty of Lisse in the most enjoyable and adventurous way.