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Discover the UrbanX by STOER Bikes, a top-of-the-line fatbike which combines technology, comfort and safety for the modern cyclist. This rugged fatbike is equipped with advanced features like a powerful motor, maintenance-free belt drive, and premium safety systems like GPS tracking and immobilizer. Perfect for adventurous rides in the city or rough terrain. The UrbanX offers an unparalleled riding experience.

Gates CDX belt drive
Bafang 2-speed motor
Force sensor
LCD display
GPS with app connect
Front suspension
Skai leather saddle
Complete Bafang system
720Wh Battery in the frame (removable)
Nardo gray
Olive green
Sky blue
Navy blue


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Removable battery

Experience unmatched performance with the removable 720Wh 48V battery of the UrbanX from STOER Bikes. This high-quality battery guarantees a range of 80 to 100 km, ideal for extended rides without worrying about battery life. Perfect for the energetic cyclist who strives for freedom and efficiency. And if the battery does run out, you can easily remove the removable battery from the fatbike and charge it at any power outlet.

Removable battery
Maintenance-free belt drive

Maintenance-free belt drive

The UrbanX van is equipped with a maintenance-free Gates CDX belt drive, which guarantees a smooth and quiet ride. Known for its durability, this advanced belt drive requires far less maintenance than traditional chain drives, saving you valuable time and money on long-term maintenance work. Ideal for daily use in all weather conditions.

Safety thanks to immobilizer

The UrbanX increases security with an advanced immobilizer. Before you can enjoy electric assistance, entering a PIN code is required. This security feature ensures that only you have access to bike functions, significantly reducing the risk of theft. Ride with peace of mind knowing your fatbike is well protected.

Safety thanks to immobilizer

Built-in GPS tracker

STOER Bikes' UrbanX is equipped with an advanced GPS tracker in conjunction with Tracefy. This innovation ensures that, in the unfortunate event of theft, your fatbike can be tracked down within hours. This partnership highlights our commitment to security and peace of mind, allowing you to ride with confidence knowing that your property is protected from theft.

Quiet but powerful 2 speed motor

The UrbanX from STOER Bikes is equipped with the Bafang H720 2-speed motor, known for its power and quiet operation. This motor provides smooth acceleration and powerful support, making every ride both enjoyable and efficient. Whether cycling through hilly landscapes or traversing city streets, the Bafang motor provides reliable performance without distracting noise, taking your cycling experience to the next level.

Comfortable behind on the leather saddle

Our UrbanX features a luxurious leather saddle designed for optimal comfort and space. This saddle offers more than enough room for two persons, allowing you to travel together easily and comfortably. Whether you take a long trip or ride quickly around town, the leather saddle provides a pleasant riding experience for both rider and passenger.

Comfortable behind on the leather saddle

Tektro hydraulic brakes: safety and reliability

High-performance Tektro hydraulic brakes provide every UrbanX with exceptional stopping power, which is crucial for safe riding in all conditions. Known for their reliability and durability, these brakes guarantee consistent and powerful braking whether you're riding through wet weather or need to stop suddenly. With Tektro hydraulic brakes, you can handle any road with confidence.

Strong LED lights with brake indication

The UrbanX from STOER Bikes is equipped with bright LED lights, including an innovative rear brake indicator. This feature significantly increases your visibility and instantly informs traffic behind you when you brake. This provides an extra layer of safety while riding, especially in the dark or in bad weather, allowing other road users to react to your actions in a timely manner.