Electric fatbike for 2 people

Let's face it, it happens regularly that it is convenient to take someone with you on your bike. Not just because it's cozy, but also because you want to go to the gym together, to school or work, take a quick trip into town or a ride through the dunes. Instead of riding behind or next to each other, it is much easier and more fun to be on a bike together. Especially on an electric fatbike!

Article in brief

  • Why getting on a fatbike in pairs is no problem
  • The comfortable saddle of the fatbikes from STOER Bikes
  • Back supports and side steps for added comfort
  • Fatbikes can be used as city bikes as well as off-road bikes
  • The advantage of electric support
  • The fatbike pedals less heavily than a regular electric bike
  • Why the fatbike is a wise choice

1. Can I ride a fatbike with two people?

Yes you can! How much fun is it to ride an electric fatbike together? And then even with 2-seater setup and side steps! Why ride a fatbike with two people? The answer to this question lies in the impressive sturdiness and robustness of these special bikes, as well as their unique design features that allow two riders to cycle comfortably and safely. But that's not all, the fatbike has even more advantages:

1.1 Advantages of a fatbike:

1.1.1 Solid construction

One of the most striking features of fatbikes is their sturdy construction. They are designed with extra-wide tires and reinforced frames, allowing them to withstand heavy loads. This makes them ideal for carrying two people without worrying about breaking the frame or damaging the tires.

1.1.2 Thick tires

The ruggedness of fatbikes is further enhanced by their thick tires. These tires are specially designed to perform on a variety of terrains, including sand, snow, mud and rocky trails. This ensures excellent traction and stability, even with two riders on board.

1.1.3 The drive

The drive system of a fatbike is also an important aspect that makes it possible to cycle with two people. Many fatbikes are equipped with powerful drive systems, such as electric motors or wide-range gears. These systems help overcome steep inclines and maintain a comfortable speed, even with two riders.

1.1.4 The seating area

The large seating area of a fatbike provides enough room for two people to sit comfortably. This makes for an enjoyable and relaxing bike ride, without having to crowd or sit uncomfortably. In addition, the saddles can often be adjusted to suit the preferences of both riders, further enhancing comfort.

1.1.5 Side Steps

Another useful feature of fatbikes are the side scooters. These handy platforms on the sides of the bike make it easy to get on and off, especially when you're riding with two people. They offer extra stability and help prevent your feet from getting caught in the thick tires.

Electric fatbike for 2 people

2. How many kg can a fatbike carry?

One of the impressive features of a fatbike is its ability to carry significantly more weight than regular electric bikes. This makes them ideal for cyclists who like to ride together or for those who need a reliable bike for long-distance trips with lots of luggage. A fatbike is known for its impressive strength and robustness, has the ability to carry significant weight loads. Many fatbike models are designed to carry up to 180 kilograms of weight. This means that these powerful bikes can accommodate two adult riders and their luggage, making them ideal for two people, as well as for adventure rides and long-distance trips.

2.1 Why can a fatbike carry so many kg?

A fatbike's ability to carry 180 kilograms is made possible by several factors, including strong frame construction, wide tires, reinforced wheels and powerful drive systems.

  • The frame of a fatbike is specially designed to withstand the extra load and provide durability, while the wide tires distribute pressure on the ground and increase stability.
  • Furthermore, fatbike wheels are often equipped with extra spokes and durable rims, allowing them to withstand the load of 180 kilograms without the risk of damage.
  • Powerful drive systems, such as electric motors or wide-range gears, provide support when carrying heavy loads and ensure a smooth ride even under such loads.
Electric fatbike for 2 people

3. Why buy a fatbike for 2?

Buying a fatbike for two has several benefits and considerations that make it worthwhile, depending on your specific needs and interests:

3.1 Advantages of a fatbike for 2 people:

  1. ComfortHaving a 2-seat setup with side steps can increase comfort while driving. Passengers can sit relaxed and have a comfortable support to lean on, which can reduce fatigue during longer trips.
  2. Versatility: Electric fatbikes are designed for off-road and challenging terrain. With the ability to carry two passengers, you expand the bike's versatility. You can explore new trails together and embark on adventures you might not otherwise attempt.
  3. Electric support:The electric drive of the fatbike makes it easier to ride up hills and cover longer distances. This is especially useful if you are riding with two people, as the electric assistance reduces the effort and you can ride longer without becoming exhausted.
  4. Uniqueness:Bikes with a 2-seat setup and side steps are relatively rare and can attract attention. If you are looking for a unique riding experience, a fatbike can certainly meet that need.
Electric fatbike for 2 people

4. Which fatbike is for two people?

Going out in pairs offers only advantages and lots of fun. A quick trip to the supermarket, a long drive through the forest or through the dunes is no problem at all. It is comfortable for both the passenger and the driver. The passenger can enjoy a huge spacious seat and support. Furthermore, the feet can also sit on the side steps. For the rider it is also comfortable; enough space and not obstructed by the person sitting on the back. But which fatbike is really suitable for two people? Obviously, several factors come into play, such as your personal preferences, budget and availability of other makes and models. It is important to consider:

4.1 What should you pay attention to when buying a fatbike?

  1. Quality: Examine the quality of the construction materials, the reliability of the electric drive system and the overall durability of the bicycle.
  2. Support and service: Check whether the brand offers good customer support and repair services, should you encounter any problems in the future.
  3. Reviews: Read reviews and experiences of other users to get an idea of how the bike performs in practice.
  4. Price: Compare the price with other similar models and consider whether the features and benefits offered justify the price.

The quality, service, reviews and price of STOER Bikes is excellent, both the construction materials, reliability and durability of the bike. STOER Bikes offers great service and support. The reviews can only confirm that. Furthermore, the fatbike from STOER Bikes is of the higher segment and the price-quality ratio is absolutely right.

Electric fatbike for 2 people

5. Two-person fatbike: STUPID and comfortable

Comfortable and safe cycling is made possible by the fatbike's robust construction, thick tires and powerful drive system. This fatbike can carry up to 180 kg, ideal for long adventure rides. Explore the reasons to choose a fatbike for two, including comfortable riding, off-road adventures and unique experiences. When making your choice, quality, customer service and price are important. Our recommendation: the STOER Bikes fatbike, with excellent build quality, reliability and positive reviews.

Electric fatbike for 2 people

6. Fatbike for two

Is it possible to ride a fatbike with two people? Absolutely! Fatbikes are praised for their sturdy construction, thick tires, powerful drive systems and comfortable seating area. They offer ultimate comfort and safety while cycling with two people What really sets fatbikes apart is their ability to carry much more weight than regular electric bikes. Some models can handle up to 180 kilograms. Perfect for long-distance trips with luggage or adventurous rides with two adults. There are numerous reasons why buying a fatbike for two is so appealing. It offers comfortable and relaxed riding, versatility for off-road adventures, electric support for easy climbing and gives you a unique riding experience. When choosing a fatbike for two, you do need to consider some factors, such as quality, customer service, reviews and price. We recommend the STOER Bikes fatbike because of its excellent build quality, reliability, durability and value for money. You can count on good customer service and positive reviews. What are you waiting for? Go on an adventure with the perfect fatbike for you and your partner!

Frequently Asked Questions

    The main distinction between an e-bike and a fatbike lies in their design and intended use. E-bikes are intended for general use, especially for commuting, while fatbikes, with their wide tires, are designed for challenging terrain. An electric fatbike combines the features of both, with additional electric assistance for greater accessibility and versatility.
    Yes, fatbikes are legal in the Netherlands. As with any bicycle, traffic regulations must be followed. Electric bikes, including e-fatbikes, must meet certain specifications to be considered regular bikes, and not mopeds. Here, a maximum power of 250 watts and a maximum speed of 25 km/h apply.
    Fatbikes offer numerous advantages. They can handle almost any terrain, such as snow, sand, asphalt and mud. They are particularly suitable for off-road and adventure cycling thanks to the extra-wide tires that offer more stability and grip.
    The electric motor of an e-fat bike uses electrical energy from the battery to support the cyclist while pedaling. This makes cycling easier, especially during hills or headwinds. The motor can be located in the center (near the bottom bracket) or in one of the wheels.
    Yes, fatbikes are suitable for almost any terrain, including mud, sand, snow, gravel and asphalt. They are specially designed for challenging environments as well as cities.
    Maintenance of an electric fatbike is very similar to that of a regular bicycle. Regular checking and maintenance of tire pressure and brakes are important. Electric components and the belt drive of a STOER fatbike require little maintenance, but it is crucial to keep the battery in good condition by not fully discharging it and storing it in a cool, dry place when not in use.
    The maximum speed of an e-fat bike can vary, but in Europe the legal speed limit for e-bikes is generally limited to 25 mph. This also applies to e-fat bikes.
    The battery life of an e-fat bike varies depending on battery capacity, level of pedal assist, terrain, rider weight and other factors.
    Preventing the theft of your fatbike starts with a few simple but effective steps. First of all, invest in a high-quality bike lock use it at all times, even if you only leave your bike for a short time. Make sure you secure your fatbike to a fixed and sturdy object, such as a bike rack. In addition, it is helpful to register your fatbike and give it a unique serial number so that it is easier to find if it is stolen. Finally, avoid leaving your fatbike in remote or poorly lit places, and keep an eye out when you leave it somewhere. Read the article https://stoerbikes.com/how-to-prevent-your-fatbike-from-being-stolen/ 

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