E-fatbike VS E-bike, what are the differences?

The popularity of electric bicycles has grown tremendously in recent years. Electric bikes have revolutionized the bicycle industry and have made a big impact worldwide. Within the electric bike industry, the e-fatbike is a popular newcomer. Fatbikes are bicycles with extra-wide tires and are characterized by their unique design that allows them to ride on challenging surfaces. An e-fatbike and an e-bike are both electric bikes, but there are some key differences between the two:

1. Tyres and design:

  • E-fatbike: An e-fatbike is an electric fatbike. Fatbikes have wide tires that are usually between 4 and 5 inches wide. These tires provide extra stability and traction.
  • E-bike: An e-bike usually has standard tires similar to those of a regular bicycle.

2. Site suitability:

  • E-fat bike: Because of their wider tires and more robust design, e-fat bikes are suitable for off-road use and can handle rough terrain more easily, but they are also very pleasant in urban areas with lots of speed bumps and streetcar rails.
  • E-bike: e-bikes are mainly intended for use on paved roads and are suitable for urban, suburban or landscape roads.

3. Speed and range:

  • E-fat bikes, like regular e-bikes, are subject to some strict rules. The maximum speed is 25 km/h with a max power of 250 watts. The range of e-fatbikes is slightly less than regular e-bikes due to their weight.
  • E-bike: e-bikes usually have a greater range on a full battery because they are lighter and are designed for more efficient riding on slippery surfaces.

4. Use scenarios:

  • E -fatbikes are ideal for young and adventurous riders or those who like the benefits of a fatbike including, among others: extra stability, room for a passenger and more accessory options.
  • E-bike: e-bikes are popular with commuters, recreational cyclists and older people because they cycle naturally and have an upright riding position, which allows for longer rides.
E-fatbike VS E-bike, what are the differences?

The right type of bike depends on your specific needs, where you want to ride and the type of terrain you face. In general, e-fat bikes are more suitable for off-road adventures or cities with lots of thresholds, train tracks, etc., while e-bikes lend themselves better to leisure rides on paved roads.