STOER Bikes at the B2B Festival in Den Bosch

Continuous development

STOER Bikes, a newcomer to the fatbike industry since 2022, was founded by Joeri Visser, who saw a distinct lack of high-quality quality fatbikes in the market identified. Inspired by this observation, he involved his brother Thomas Visser in the idea, who, with his knowledge in human resources, administration and finance, solidifies the business part of the company. Joeri, the creative brain, and Thomas, the financial backbone, together form a perfect team that successfully launched their first product in the summer of 2022. With the start of sales through dealers in early 2023, STOER Bikes, despite its recent appearance on the market, has already made great progress and promises much for the future.

STOER Bikes at the B2B Festival in Den Bosch

STOER Bikes distinctive from other brands

The STOER brand is distinguished by a number of unique features, with the use of high-quality materials being standard. One notable example is the choice of titanium alloys for the pedal bolts, as opposed to the common steel. This approach offers a maintenance-free experience for the user, thanks in part to the rust resistance of both the frames and components such as the standard belt drive. This positions STOER as one of the fatbike brands that require the least maintenance, making them a strong player in the market.

STOER Bikes at the B2B Festival in Den Bosch

Collaborations with major brands

The use of the complete Bafang system, including components such as pedal sensors, controller, display and cabling, provides an integrated and efficient cycling experience. This system is enhanced by a readout tool that allows dealers to quickly assess bike status, leading to improved service for both customer and dealer. In addition, all bikes are equipped with a Tracefy GPS tracking system, allowing users to easily locate their bikes in case of theft. These features contribute to a unique position in the market. Read more about theft safety of your bicycle and what you can do about it in our previously posted article.

STOER Bikes at the B2B Festival in Den Bosch

Standard model

The first of STOER Bikes, the Ultimate S1, has received an upgrade with the introduction of the Ultimate S1+. This model, which will become STOER's new standard model, combines power, intelligence and adventure readiness. The S1+ features an advanced 2-speed motor that shifts automatically and is supported by a noiseless belt drive. It is equipped with a robust 960wh battery and features built-in GPS. The S1+ is everything you are looking for in a bike, wrapped in an elegant design.

Models in the pipeline

TOER Bikes is constantly committed to developing and expanding the brand. The next model to be launched, the UrbanX, is designed to serve the more affordable segment without compromising on crucial components. Curious about the new model? Visit STOER at the B2B trade show in Den Bosch. For those seeking the ideal balance between cycling and scootering, STOER will introduce the ideal model later this year: the CityX. In addition, the introduction of a cargo bike, the CargoX, is planned for the summer of 2024, further diversifying STOER's offering.

STOER Bikes at the B2B Festival in Den Bosch

Appealing to a broad audience

By releasing different models, with a good standard model, STOER Bikes can meet the needs of every consumer. By introducing models that vary in price and specifications without sacrificing quality, STOER Bikes appeals to a diverse audience. This ensures that both budget-conscious buyers and enthusiasts looking for a quality fatbike are attracted to the brand. With an emphasis on durability, performance and ease of use, STOER Bikes' commitment to delivering good quality emphasizes the brand. These offerings, combined with innovative features such as advanced drive systems and integrated technologies, make STOER Bikes an attractive choice for a wide audience of bike enthusiasts. Become a dealer? Stop by the B2B Festival or contact our sales department.

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